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Monday, June 6, 2016

Sabi Star Sahara Desert Gemini Rose...

...that is the name for the latest addition to my houseplant collection; Pink Arabian Picotee is the particular color.

Last January, QVC had these plants as a Today's Special Value; oh, how I love QVC!

Anyway, the plants intrigued me so I decided to take a chance and advance order them to be delivered at the end of May.

Last week, the plants arrived at my door. Here they are right out of the package.

They are supposed to be planted in a large, but shallow preferably clay pot. So yesterday I was off to Home Depot to get the necessary pots; soil and stones for drainage.

Now they look like this:

However, according to the experts at Roberta's Gardens, within time they are supposed to look like this:

Don't they look kind of strange and different? According to the pamphlet that was enclosed in the package, by following a few easy instructions, my plants should have flowers by Christmas 2018. I know that's 18 months from now, ugh; I hope I'm not disappointed. I guess only time will tell!

I have always loved plants to add color both inside and outside of my home. For quite some time now, I have been growing African Violets under a grow light that I have on a table in my sewing room. I get the plants locally at Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses. I love walking through their greenhouse and never leave without a couple of plants to add to my collection.

My new Sabi Star plants need to be outside for the summer to soak up the sun and then brought inside this winter; so for now, they will spend the next few months on my patio.

Wish me luck!

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